Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do i book a tour ?
Getting a free quote from a member of our rental staff by phoning or texting 97145548990 or sending an email to info@luxuryarttransport.com is the first step in arranging a tour. Afaq tours representative will create a customised quote based on the specifics of your trip. You'll need to have trip information, like dates, times, the number of passengers, and an itinerary. and you can book by going to our website and paying for your tour online.
Do you provide tour and transfer services?
Yes, Afaq Tours Dubai provides you with both tour and transfer services. However, you must provide full tour specifics, including pickup and drop-off times.
If i want to get a bus and tour what type of bus should i book?
Buses ranging in size from 7 to 53 seats are included in the Luxury Art Tour Bus fleet network. The optimum use for minibuses is for groups of 18 to 25 people. Full-size bus rental types are roomy and ideal for big passenger groups. You will be extremely happy with this purchase, and you will love your trip.
How many peoples can i book for tour and transfer ?
You can reserve our tour and transfer service for as many people as you'd like without worrying about adaptations for a large number of people. If your group requires more than one bus, we will make the necessary arrangements. It depends on how many people a bus can hold. 53 passenger buses come in a variety of sizes. If you have a smaller group, you can also reserve a bus (from 10 people).
If I’ve not had a response back from my guide, what should I do?
If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time using the mail and phone numbers we have provided. We shall be available to you at all times.