1. Go Up The Burj Khalifa

We always jump at the chance to travel somewhere high, and for the best city views, you cannot skip climbing the world’s tallest structure. All Dubai attractions are ranked by The Burj Khalifa at the top. It has stunning views and is situated in the centre of the city. Views of Dubai that will astound you may be had by taking the high-speed elevator up 160 storeys. But beware—crowded, it’s and once you’ve seen the city, there isn’t much else to do up there.

2. Explore The Dubai Marina

Downtown Dubai isn’t a particularly walkable city, but when you get to the Dubai Marina, you can take a leisurely stroll down the promenade. The second-largest man-made marina in the world is surrounded by cafes and eateries where you can reserve boat trips and dinner cruises. That was unquestionably our favourite spot in Dubai to spend the evening. Like everywhere else in Dubai, it is flanked by enormous buildings and breath-taking shopping centres. Make your way to the Amwaj Towers to ride a zip line across the water to the Dubai Marina Mall for one of the more exciting things to do in Dubai. This zipline is among the steepest and fastest in the entire globe. Dubai does everything bigger and better. You’ll soar into the air for one kilometre at speeds of 80 km/h.

3. Go To The Beach 

Dubai offers beautiful beaches with sand. Like other beach locations, there are a variety of activities available as well as plenty of beach chairs or unoccupied sand areas where you may set up shop for the day and catch some rays. A public beach is towered over by the well-known Burj Al Arab. Go for it if you have the money to stay there! As a 7-star hotel, it is the most opulent lodging in Dubai. On TripAdvisor, you can actually reserve a room at this hotel. Cheaper than you might anticipate!

4. Explore The Dubai Mall

Even though we didn’t extol the virtues of malls in our introduction, they are nevertheless spectacular to behold. In actuality, you should include the malls to your list of top Dubai attractions. With far more than just clothes stores and boutiques, the Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping centre in the world. The Dubai Mall has top-name retail stores, a skating rink, waterfalls, and an underwater zoo where you can even go shark diving. It also has the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It’s possible to have a shark or a m Even better, you can ride a gondola around Dubai Lake to simulate travelling to Venice.

5. Palm Jumeirah

The best way to experience Dubai is from the air. Breathtaking views of The Palm Jumeirah may be had from above. Given that Dubai has added an additional 650 kilometres of shoreline for its citizens to work and play, this engineering marvel is challenging to understand. 14 kilometres off the coast of Dubai, there is a map of The World that shows hundreds of artificial islands that are waiting to be created. The Palm Jumeirah is a marvel of contemporary architecture. This group of islands that protrudes into the Persian Gulf was entirely constructed by humans.